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AgriVeg x Laugh And Belly

AgriVeg is a local Singaporean start-up setting out to producing clean and healthy vegetables. They are mostly known for their holy grail product - kale.

The founder of AgriVeg and I knew about each other from a farmers market. After seeing my works, he approached me to create a product packaging for an upcoming children-targeted campaign.

FB: AgriVeg

AgriVeg Packaging Design
Original Packaging

Before we dive into the campaign design, what you see above is their original packaging, it's a sticker that's pasted onto a plastic bag.

It uses stock illustrations and has a small spelling error (can you spot it?).

Packaging Sketches

For their kale campaign packaging, I used more vibrant colours and cartoon-like graphics. The reason for this is to keep the packaging attractive to both adults and children but yet keep the design minimal and smartly functional.

As there were some colour limitations from the client -- I only could use a maximum of 5 colours, I decided to stick with a colour scheme with different tints and shades of orange.

The design features an orange monster enjoying the packet of kale, with usage of its hands holding the "Love Homegrown Produce" logo which was brought from its previous design. It is also conversing how the kale is 100% organically grown and it's "Totally Kale'in It!"

A pun is brought up in this packaging design due to the fact that most of my artwork is based on wordplay and jokes. This pun can be interpreted with 2 different meanings:


The first, would be - There is kale in it.

And second, would be - The monster is killing it.

AgriVeg Kale Packaging
AgriVeg Campaign Packaging

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