The Body Shop x Laugh And Belly

The Body Shopis a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company. It's a household name and everyone knows about them. This is one of the most mind blowing campaign I have ever done.

I have been reached out by a creative agency that works for The Body Shop to illustrate 3 badge designs and a 8-page story book for a promotional activity to narrate the journey of a little wonky carrot from farm to skincare.

I was also to appear at their promotional event at Tampines Mall to draw live in front of the customers.

This campaign was to promote the relaunch their line of carrot products, which had been discontinued a few years ago.

As there's quite a bit to the content, I've anchored this portfolio into 3 parts so that it is easier to navigate. You may click on these buttons to skip to that area you're interested in:


These are 3 badge designs for the customers to refer to when they are at the DIY badge-making station during the promotional event.​

As per usual to all Laugh And Belly illustrations, the 3 badge designs feature a punny one-liner that goes along with the artwork. These badges acted like a "sample" to give customers some ideas on how to decorate their own badges.


One of my dreams is to draw for a book or a magazine. So, when The Body Shop commissioned me to draw an 8-page activity/story book, I was thrilled.

Before any illustration is done, I always draft out sketches. So here are some selected ones:​​

There were 3 different parts in the story book / activity book. 

  • Part 1: An ugly carrot is born in a British family farm and then sent to the supermarket. At the supermarket, everyone picks the perfect looking ones.

  • Part 2: The Body Shop appreciates that ugly carrots are useful and functional too. Thus, they made their way to The Body Shop.

  • Part 3: The benefits found in The Body Shop's Carrot Wash and Carrot Cream


I was marketed on The Body Shop's social media as one of the invited guest artist for the event at Tampines Mall.

For 4 days, I was stationed at Tampines Mall (Singapore) at selected time slots. Visitors that pass by my station will get a hand-drawn carrot drawing from me!

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This is probably my proudest takeaway from this collaboration - to be able to complete 300 carrots for 300 people in 4 days. The carrots are drawn right in front of the customer with colour markers, colour pencils and POSCAs.

Almost all of the carrots are either doing a "Carrate" move, or being beautiful by just standing there as a "Miss Carrot Universe", or appearing as their most transparent self as a "Mr Tall & Wonky".


I had a lot of fun doing this collaboration with The Body Shop. Really grateful towards Natalie - the main person I communicated with throughout the whole project.

That's just a GIF of us being cute.

Thanks Nat! :)

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