Self portrait of Tan Si Qi

Hello there! I’m Tan Si Qi.
An illustrator, designer, art director, content creator, speaker and work-in-progress.

There’s so much more to me than just a few fancy titles. Scroll down and get to know me.

Laugh And Belly Today At Apple

Currently, I spend my weekdays as a designer at VaynerMedia. It's been eye-opening, jaw-dropping and awesome shizzlebanggas. But, my brain can't stay still during the weekends. So, I still draw and create at my personal illustration brand called Laugh And Belly.

Laugh And Belly is a creative outlet for me to churn out jokes, one-liners and never-seen-before, unique Singaporean visual puns. This is created years before I joined VaynerMedia.


#365DaysOfLabFlab, a daily drawing project, caught the attention from the press and blue-chip companies such as Apple. My artwork was featured in Apple's flagship store in Singapore for a whole week. Besides that, I was invited as a guest speaker to teach and share what I have learned from being a self-taught illustrator.

This project, which I started out of boredom, helped me develop a habit to draw every day, even after it has been completed. And, I'm really thankful for all the work opportunities with The Body Shop, Pizza Hut, Deliveroo, Warner Music Asia and more.


For the past 4 years,

I’ve worked in illustration, fine artadvertising and branding.

I learn everything through being mentored, watching YouTube videos and reading educational books. But mostly, it's through life experiences, trial and error.

Looking back at this creative journey of mine, I'm thankful towards everyone that supported me as a working creative. Especially Christine, the Marketing Manager from BONIA, an international luxury fashion retailer, for being the first and recurring client to headhunt and approach me for corporate projects. I'm really grateful towards her for trusting me to customize/paint on leather products for BONIA's customers in a more modernized way.


Career highlights

  • My works have been to more than 100 art events and exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Germany throughout my entire career.

  • In 2019, my illustrations have been featured at Apple Orchard Road (Singapore) for an entire week. And I was invited as a guest speaker/teacher during the June holidays.

Fun facts about me

  • I worked in a chemical laboratory for 1 year after I graduated from school. On the same day I ended my career as a chemist, I started my creative journey by heading to Gillman Barracks to sell my artwork at their 5th Anniversary Celebration. The response was amazing and I had crowds standing infront of my booth 70% of the time.

  • I've been bouldering and rock climbing for 5 years (on and off). But I still get headaches from V5 boulder problems.

  • Influenced heavily by my father, I've been exposed to digital technology since I was 4 years old. I'm a huge tech/game junkie and go nuts when a new console is up for preorder.

  • I love taking photographs and have been praised for my creative eye. I'm really grateful to my father, who trusted me to using his favourite Minolta Riva Zoom when I was a child. I still have the camera and the photographs. If you're interested in seeing them, I can show it to you upon request. :)

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