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7 August 2020 - I got featured as a Wacom Artist after winning as a runner-up for Wacom's #CreateABetterWorld. Boba Blacksweet is actually a project of mine where I created short comics revolving the life of a character called Tapioca Boi.

In May 2020, I joined Wacom's #CreateABetterWorld challenge based on the COVID-19 situation. Staying home, hand washing and personal hygiene are so heavily stressed nowadays... And by combining all of that, I created this happy little scene below:

This is actually a sakura scented hand soap that pumps out little bubble pearls (called Bobabo), instead of having real bubbles coming out from the soap. Besides getting the adrenaline from being pumped out, the hand soap also has a lounge area for Bobabos that just wanna chill~

And because they're a little bit cheeky, sometimes they would run away from their hand soap home. Thus, they need someone bigger to look after them! This is where Tapioca Boi comes in! He's like a security guard guarding this huge soap house. Because his work hours are long, to pass his time, he spends it reading books while enjoying a cuppa!

Hehe! Anyways, I hope that this artwork made you smile and remind you to wash your hands! You'll never know what little bubbly character might appear from your soap!~

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my artwork!

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