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The Buuvei x Suzie Show

Inspired by the Pixel Penguins by Buuvei and the Angry Suzies by Laugh And Belly, we combined both intellectual properties and created an NFT show 3D rendered by Cyrus James Khan.

Every episode is less than 10 seconds and features Angry Suzie trolling Buuvei the Penguin.

The Team

Creative Direction: Buuvei & Laugh And Belly

3D Model & Render: Cyrus James Khan

The short episodes are minted on OpenSea and all editions are sold out. You may try to put an offer on any of the NFTs on the OpenSea page, and see if anyone wants to let go of it!

Buuvei's Pixel Penguins can be found on his OpenSea page.

More of Cyrus's 3D works can be found on his Twitter.

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