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Agency Work (WPR Asia)

Crunchy Teeth is a grounds-up inclusive project that transforms the employment prospects for Singapore's autistic youths and adults.

Their goal is to equip their special needs interns with baking skills so that they can enjoy independence, employment and active participation in society.

They believe the lack of normal qualifications should not close the doors to employment, but open the possibilities to an inclusive society where everyone matters.

For Crunchy Teeth, I was appointed by WPR as their Brand Ambassador. I art directed a photoshoot, redesigned their menu, cookie packaging, launched campaigns and revamped their Instagram and Facebook posts.

Mentor: Cheng Guan from WPR

Logo Design: Kenneth from WPR

Photography Assistant: Guan Min from WPR

Before the COVID-19 circuit breaker in Singapore, we headed to Crunchy Teeth's bakery to do a photo shoot. All the photographs you see below are shot with an iPhone.

With full permission, we shot their products on the menu, the bakery's environment and Crunchy Teeth's special bakers.

I've read some books and studies that reveal that for common descriptive food names, adding pictures have a positive effect on consumers’ attitudes toward the menu item, their willingness to pay and their purchase intentions. 

Thus, I redesigned their physical menu according to their rebranded identity, with the product photographs so that it is easier for their customers to refer to.

The Crunchy Teeth website and Instagram story highlights and the feed were also entirely planned, revamped and curated to the brand accordingly.

Since Crunchy Teeth is a bakery, we wanted to highlight and bring out light and warm-neutral tones since warm colors are associated with heightened emotions and passion as well as joy and playfulness.

For the packaging design of their freshly baked cupcakes and muffins, I've designed a box packaging with playful flow of shapes and accents. It has a see-through top cover to show Crunchy Teeth's customers what is inside the box.

I also made sure that the box doesn't look too "clinical and white" and gave it a more warm and neutral background.

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