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Exposure Dollar Bill by Laugh And Belly

This is my Genesis NFT. The first NFT I have ever minted in my entire journey in the cryptocurrency space. The inspiration for the Exposure Dollar bill was my annoyance with companies who try to pay artists with exposure.

It's a common artist problem. And I wanted to make it cute, but still create awareness that it's NOT ok. For artists looking at this, it might trigger some feelings.

I created a 3D sculpture of the Exposure Dollar when taking public transport (train/bus) in Singapore.

The concept was based on the concept illustration I did in 2019 for my 365 Day Project, which is also the reason why I reused the phrase: "A new kind of currency?"


In the NFT video, I purposely glitched and noised it to make it imperfect. Even the sculpture is not fully symmetrical because I hand-sculpted it. I kinda did it to rebel a little to the fact that some clients expect artists to create perfect work for exposure.

P.S: Although the name of the artwork is $0/exposure, the NFT isn't actually 0. Let's appreciate art together.

The NFT on Foundation has been sold to a collector for 0.3 ETH in the USA. And since he collected it, I started to make the Exposure Dollar sculpture into a real toy.

After the prototype has been made, I packaged it into a custom wooden box and custom label for my collector! He has already received them safely!

I do plan to make more of these physical 3D toy sculptures, keychains, and stickers in the future.


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