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Folks & Stories x Laugh And Belly

Folks & Stories is a baked goods company & creative studio based in Singapore that is inspired by people around them. They love to explore classic and novel sweets, to incorporate rustic baking style, to develop interesting flavour profiles and to bring joy & meaning to gifting.

What started as a part-time project in university became Jody's full-time job upon graduation in 2018. She's happy to be able to spend most of her days doing what she adore most - ideating the next treat, creating systems & things, learning so broadly, & just checking boxes on her to-do list. ​

I am thankful to be able to work with Jody, the owner of Folks & Stories, on this campaign to celebrate Teacher's Day. It recognizes the efforts of our under-appreciated educators.


For this campaign, I contributed in its art direction and postcard concept and illustration. All personalities and recipes of each cookie are by Jody.

Folks and stories cookies

The cookies featured from left to right are: Care Bear, Wise Sage and Tough Coach.

Based on the cookie's individual personality, I generated the concept and illustration of three different postcards that go along with each cookie.

Laugh and belly teachers' day punny cards

The illustrations of each postcard are kept simple and minimalistic. To retain the Folks And Stories branding, I used their brand colours to give the illustrations a tint of colour.

As it is a collaboration between my illustration brand (Laugh And Belly) and Folks And Stories, the copywriting features puns with regards to "bear", "sage" and "lions". 

The postcards are A7-sized and each comes with a small brown kraft envelope.

Wise Sage label design

Every Teachers' Day cookie gift set comes with a carrier, an information ​tag, a packaged artisan cookie, and the A7-sized postcard + envelope.

To make things more curated, the packaging label of the cookie also features the illustration of the postcard as well.

Care bear teacher's day gift set

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