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Froggos by Laugh And Belly

Froggos are an experimental project to find out if NFTs can coexist in separate blockchains and metaverses, in this case, Ethereum and Solana; Voxels and Sandbox.

The Froggos are individually hand-drawn and not code-generated. And each Froggo will come with a voxel model that is usable on the virtual world of CryptoVoxels (now: Voxels).

To purchase a Froggo, head to SolSea.

Here are some comparisons of the different Froggos in 2D illustration and Voxel models.

The voxel models are built on Magicavoxels and then minted onto the Polygon-Ethereum blockchain for usage in CryptoVoxels (now: Voxels).

Froggo #1.jpg
Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 8.59.29 AM.png

We have also collaborated with the SolSea marketplace platform to do a giveaway of a Froggo which was inspired by its branding colours and logo.

Here are some screenshots of the winners and their friends inside the CryptoVoxels virtual world.

Froggo SolSea.png
Froggo CV.JPG

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