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I was tasked to create 24 original sticker designs that can be used on Whatsapp/Telegram. The artworks are to be mainly be based on the topics of local food & drinks, traditional games, Singaporeans doing Singaporean things. The project is estimated to be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

There are 24 different artworks to complete. All the artworks will be uploaded to's Whatsapp/Telegram and shared on all their social media pages. ​

To get these stickers inspired by our yummy local food and some Singapore icons on Whatsapp, click here!


Or get them on Telegram, here!


Above are some sketches/proposed ideas that I submitted to the client. As you can see, most of them are about Singaporean related culture and cuisine.

After showing the client the sketches/ideas and getting them approved, I proceeded to ink and colour them. Here are 9 of my favourite designs from this 24-designs sticker pack:

I'm really thankful that my friends and the people who have been following my work, actually informed me about the release of the sticker pack way before I found out myself.


Thank you to everyone who tagged me in's Facebook and Instagram post on the announcement of these new stickers.

Thank you so much to and their creative agency for reaching out to me to create these 24 artworks for all Singaporeans to enjoy!

Get these stickers inspired by our yummy local food and some Singapore icons on Whatsapp or on Telegram!


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