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Kechil Kitchen x Laugh And Belly

Kechil Kitchen is a service provided by Sowmiya Venkatesan, one of the contestants of MasterChef Singapore.

Chef Sowmiya and I met when I was having an event at Bugis Junction (Singapore). Due to our love for food, we immediately connected and she engaged me in this project for her culinary service.

I was tasked to design 6 punny flip-open cards that would help the diner journey through the course meal. The designs are to be landscape so that Chef Sowmiya can choose to write about the dish inside.

To learn more about the individual designs or how the idea came about, scroll down to find the descriptions.

Punny flip-open cards for Kechil Kitchen's diners

1st Design:

A Welcome Note

The first design is a Welcome Note to all the diners.

#WhatsDoneIsPlated is a quote heavily used by Chef Sowmiya. Thus, she wanted it to be included in branding these new designs.

2nd Design:

Tapao or have it here?

Chef Sowmiya needed me to create one card with two designs that can be easily cut with perforated markings.


Plus, it needed to have a place to punch a hole and loop a string into, as this would be used as a "tag" for the diners' orders. All the plates are green, to stick with the branding.

Amuse Bouche Placecard Design

3rd Design:

Amusing the palate

Amuse Bouche, means amusing the palate. This dish is usually the Chef's Signature, or what the diner should expect of the meal. 

I created this punny one-liner "Ready to Get Amuse(d) Boo(uche)s?" and complemented it with a cute little ghost appearing under a cloche.

Appetizers Make Pants Appe-tight

4th Design:

Too much appetizers

A rabbit is chosen to represent Kechil Kitchen's diners because most of the menu items are vegan-friendly.

If you're wondering how I came out with this illustration, I was playing around with the word "appetizers" and "appetite".


This gave me the idea of making the rabbit wear pants that are "appe-tight" (a bit tight).

Just a 'Can-Do' can't do

5th Design:

The main dish

We have reached the main course's design.


Kechil Kitchen is all about creating delicious food from farm to table. And thus, this is a sarcastic/punny joke between an optimistic canned food and real food. 

Saving room for dessert

Last but not least:

Room for dessert

This part is everyone's favourite -- desserts!

Bringing back the rabbit again, I drew a rabbit's den with a creamy carrot safely hidden in it. While this happens, the rabbit holds a wireless phone to inform a mysterious rabbit on the scenario of how it saved a room (literally) for dessert.

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