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Kiki's Vending Machine by Laugh And Belly

Kiki's Vending Machine is a collaborative NFT between Kiki's Playground and Laugh And Belly.

This NFT artwork has been minted on KnownOrigin, a curated artist-collector platform. It has been sold for 1.25 ETH (USD$4,802) to "rwx", an anonymous collector.

The Team

Artwork & Animation: Laugh And Belly

Background Music: PIXELORD

Advisory: Kiki's Playground

Kiki's Vending Machine is a vending machine that issues adorable little kitty drinks boosting your day with cat serotonin.

This pixel artwork is done on a 200px by 200px canvas and exported by 1000% of its original size. It is also accompanied by lo-fi music with subtle kitty meows which loops beautifully.

Thank you to Kiki from Kiki's Playground for inviting me to collaborate on KnownOrigin!

If you'd like to find out more about Kiki's Playground, here is their Twitter page!


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