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LANEIGE x Laugh And Belly

LANEIGE is a South Korean cosmetics brand launched by Amore Pacific in 1994. Its name comes from the French "la neige", which translates to "the snow". The brand's central concept is based on its Advanced Water Science technology, an emphasis on skin hydration.

Jemma Wei, a Singaporean influencer, was the one that referred me to LANEIGE due to my illustrations on Instagram. She even gave me a shout-out on her Instagram stories to all her followers. I'm super super thankful for that. Thank you so much, Jemma! 

Through Jemma, the marketing team from LANEIGE saw my works and saw an opportunity to do a collaboration for their upcoming campaign on their Water Bank series.

As the Water Bank series focuses on hydrating the skin, I was briefed to create a cute and bubbly water droplet character that could perform human-like actions. Also, they wanted me to do what I do best - which was to create puns.

LANEIGE Water Droplet Character Design
LANEIGE Water Droplet Character Design

After reading the brief, I sketched out my ideas and concepts and sent them to the client for review. These are pictures of the pencil sketches of a cute water droplet.

I suggested using the phrase "Seize The Day". Instead of spelling it as so, I spelt it as "Seas" because the sea is a water bank -- which linked to their brief.

LANEIGE Seas The Day Luggage Design
LANEIGE Seas The Day Luggage Design Idea 2

Above are the two final designs that I have sent to LANEIGE for review. The first design has a white background and repetitive circles with different poses of the cute little water droplet, ducks and boats.

While the second design is a full-page illustration, featuring the water droplet on a float, in the sea, basking in sunset.

"Both are adorable" as quoted by the client. But, they can only pick one, so they picked the first one.

LANEIGE Seas The Day Luggage Design

The client picked the first design and made it into a luggage. When the campaign launched, I was thrilled.

This luggage design is found at all LANEIGE stores in Singapore while stocks last. To redeem it, customers need to purchase $300 worth of products. (Update: All are OOS.)

LANEIGE Water Bank Luggage
LANEIGE Luggage Design

There were lots of positive feedback from LANEIGE, their loyal customers and the public. Thus, it led to a second collaboration after this luggage design.

This collaboration promotion is also featured on NYLON.SG and at their 7-day campaign event at Plaza Singapura.​


Thank you so much to the marketing team at LANEIGE / Amore Pacific for making this collaboration happen!

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