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Prudential x VaynerMedia

Prudential, also known as Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Ltd is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of UK-based Prudential Plc. It uses a multi-channel distribution network, with product offerings in protection, savings and investment. They are one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, serving financial & protection needs for over 85 years.

Working with the team at VaynerMedia, we produced "Always On" content constantly and rapidly, hijacking trends and always being the first to produce relatable content.

My Role

Art Direction / Concepts / Illustration / Character Design / Design / a lil bit of


The Team

Creative Direction: Lay JY / William Beale

Copywriting: Raun Anand / Darren Ho

PRU Queen Gambit AO Illustration V2 copy
Prudential Anti Obesity Day Illustration
Prudential Anti Obesity Day Illustration

Besides targetting Prudential audiences on public social pages, we also create helpful and usable assets on Greenfly, for Prudential's esteemed Financial Advisors to share with their own clients/customers.

These assets are usually greetings or infographics relating to certain products sold by Prudential Singapore (for example: the Supplementary Retirement Scheme is a product for retiring Singaporeans).

Prudential Diabetes Awareness Instagram
Prudential Diabetes Awareness Instagram
Prudential Diabetes Awareness Instagram
Prudential Diabetes Awareness Instagram

It's soooooo fun for me to be able to create characters for all these short comics about health and wealth. Also, coming up with cute little puns to go along with them together with the copywriters was so fulfilling.

We created "Always On" content which meant that these social posts run throughout the entire year. Thus, on certain special occasions like World Heart Day or World Diabetes Day or any special public holidays, we'll create relevant content for Prudential's social pages.

PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers 2.png
PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers_1 2.png
PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers_2 2.png
PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers_3 2.png
PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers_4 2.png
PrudentialAO_PsychologyOfPanicBuyers_5 2.png

You may find all these illustrations/videos on Prudential Singapore's social media pages.

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