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Pufflings x Laugh And Belly

Pufflings is a start-up cereal brand by Zoe Anastasis Trading, a local Singaporean company. This is a sample cereal box design and illustration to support their business pitch for a manufacturing grant from the Singaporean government.

A "puffling" is a baby Atlantic Puffin. It is a clown faced sea bird, which appeared on Star Wars as a "porg".

I was commissioned by their founder, whom is my friend, to create a simple logo, design and illustrate the entire sample cereal box packaging from scratch.

There are two different cereal flavours - Cocova (Chocolate and Vanilla) and Ondeh Ondeh.

This product has not been launched in the market yet.


Since the illustrations require cartoon versions of the brown rice and cereal, I drafted out how the characters might look like from its front, side and back.

The characters are created in my own Laugh And Belly style. I absolutely adore their mini butt cracks.

Below, you will also find the sketch of the initial packaging illustration for the front and back of the sample cereal box.

The layout and content have been edited several times before the packaging was finalized.

*This sample cereal box packaging is to support a business pitch to get a financial grant to manufacture the cereal and place it on supermarket shelves.

The cereal debuts with two flavours - Cocova (short for Chocolate Vanilla) and Ondeh Ondeh (a local South East Asian confectionery dessert).

To easily change the flavours, the colours of the packaging for each flavour is changed accordingly.

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