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Agency Work (WPR Asia)

RAW is an anti-gym based in Singapore. It exists to motivate, educate & grow people to optimal levels of performance and vitality. They are driven to support the by empowering people to reach their full potential.

Glenn Ang, founded RAW in 2017 with a mission to help people stay healthy and achieve their personal fitness goals. With 10 years of experience, Glenn has been coaching fitness enthusiasts and educating over 320+ fitness coaches across Asia, such as the Philippines, China, Jakarta and Singapore. He is also the only Personal Trainer that has clinched the prestigious Personal Trainer Of The Year Award, twice in Asia, in 2017 and 2018, making him one of the most desirable trainer in the fitness industry.

I am thankful to have the opportunity given to me by WPR Asia to pitch my ideas, redesign RAW's logo and name card, art direct in photoshoots and create stunning social media campaigns for this anti-gym.

Thank you Glenn for trusting my skills as an art director and designer! It was really fun to work with him and his team. I'll definitely head to his anti-gym for classes when the COVID-19 situation has mellowed.

Mentors: Cheng Guan and Kenneth from WPR

Raw logo grid
Raw logo mock up on paper

After we've created the logo based on brand vision, mission, research and identity, the logos were translated onto print and web.

For RAW's name card, its concept/idea is actually based on how RAW is a business-to-consumer brand. The "PERFORMANCE" label on the name card is a peel-able vinyl sticker. It can be used on various surfaces even after removing from the original name card.

After removing the "PERFORMANCE" sticker, it will reveal the word "YOU" on the name card. The name card is printed on a sticker-sheet-like material.

This "PERFORMANCE" sticker can be interchanged between "FITNESS", "MOVEMENT" or "LIFESTYLE".

A consistent concept for the graphic key visuals was also created as a guide for future designers. To make RAW's social media pages and website more consistent, we made use of the 3 main brand colours: red, white and black.

We've also ran many social media campaigns such as promotions and giveaways on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to more like minded audiences. This is one of my favourites because it was a parody of a Singapore government election.


Just FYI: Glenn is extremely humourous when you get to know him better as a person. Thus, many of his posts are incorporated with humour and silly jokes about himself, his gym and his surroundings.

Thanks so much for viewing this portfolio! :-)

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