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Agency Work (WPR Asia)

The Ogee Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore, led by Dr Heng Wee Soon. The Ogee Clinic offers innovative, effective, and safe technologies to achieve non-surgical facial rejuvenation and anti-aging results.

My role in this project was to create and design a stay-home care pack, and e-brochure for his clients and consumers to purchase during the Singapore COVID-19 circuit breaker from April to June 2020.


WPR Asia has also reached out to Glenn, the owner of RAW and fitness instructor, to collaborate with The Ogee Clinic for this exclusive care pack.

Packaging rebranding mock-ups, GIFs, branding, copywriting and presentation of this portfolio are done purely in my own artistic discretion, none of which are required by WPR Asia or The Ogee Clinic.

*This project was not launched as the government did not allow the sale/delivery of such non-essential goods during the circuit breaker. Hopefully, the COVID-19 season will pass and the care pack project can be resumed and safely launched.

Mentor: Cheng Guan from WPR Asia

Logo Design: Pixelx Code

Logo color variations animation
The Ogee Clinic Logo Meaning

The Ogee Clinic is a medical aesthetic clinic that also produces their own range of skincare products.

During the Singapore's circuit breaker, The Ogee Clinic had to temporarily close. Dr Heng needed to serve as a front line due to his medical background. Thus, WPR wanted to help The Ogee Clinic boost their sales through creating a care pack for their customers.

This care pack comes in a box with several skincare products and vouchers in it. As a promotion, customers are able to get the products at a lower price.

I created these mock-ups to show how the box and message card will be designed. And, as a personal initiative, I redesigned The Ogee Clinic's toner bottles, hyaluronic acid bottles and mask packaging according to their brand's identity.

The Ogee Clinic Care Pack

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