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Agency Work (WPR Asia)

Verti is an accounting firm. They take care of everything from secretarial services to payroll management, so their clients can focus on the things that drive the business forward.

Their target audience is Foreign Companies (Europeans) & Local SMEs with > $300k. Thus, the content are planned to be in a form of visuals and illustrations.

For this client, I was part of the pitching team and contributed in establishing the art direction, brand guidelines and creating the vector illustrations for their social media pages, focusing heavily on LinkedIn.

Mentor: Cheng Guan from WPR Asia

Verti's content are planned to be in a form of visuals and illustrations. Instead of using stock illustrations, I created custom vector illustrations of humans in different settings according to the content needed.

These illustrations are in a minimal, flat 2-D style with no gradient that primarily uses navy blue, red, black and off-white, with pops of secondary and tertiary colours. 

To make the illustrations consistent even after passing to other designers, I've created a template of premade different face shapes, expressions, hand signals, bodies, outfits, arms and legs. The designer would just have to click and drag and combine everything together to form a human character.

This helps in work efficiency and also provide reference to future staff in the art department.

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