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YouTrip x Laugh And Belly

YouTrip, Singapore’s first multi-currency travel wallet with a prepaid Mastercard®, is specially designed for travellers to pay overseas with no fees in over 150 currencies.

To support the local Singaporean art scene during this tough COVID-19 season, YouTrip started an initiative to invite several local Singaporean artists/designers (one of them is yours truly) to create stickers/GIFs that can be used on Telegram or Instagram stories.

When creating these illustrated stickers, I made sure to focus on the topic of travel and use YouTrip's brand colours and hashtag accordingly. Additionally, to make things more lighthearted and fun, I came out with punny one-liners to go along with the illustrations. (This is also due to my illustration brand called Laugh And Belly.)

Download the stickers on Telegram here.

YouTrip x Laugh And Belly Telegram Stickers
YouTrip Whatsapp Stickers
Youtrip telegram stickers

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